The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7: Pretty Much Dead Already

Earlier, we were talking about medicinal tips and way of curing one’s illness and this time, we are going to jump on something that is scary and surprising. I’m talking to the one and only zombies TV series that became well-known especially in US, The Walking Dead. Once a person dies and the muscles became harder just like a wood, it means that it is totally dead. And you can’t simply awaken that dead body unless you have the power to revive it. But there are some group of people (Just heard it in a news) that they could awaken the dead from its grave. Whoa! Sounds like scary right? Well, even though I never see it personally but still my partial mind believes on that because there are human who deals there selves to devil in exchange of their precious soul. But here in our favorite TV show that tells about the story of zombie apocalypse, it is true, in a sense that they awaken after they die but they don’t have on their own mind. I mean they just want to eat and feed their selves by the flesh and meaty tissue of humans or animals. For you to find out, Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 Online Free at

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 Sneak Peek

Have you heard about a corpse awakened from its sanctuary and exposing his cruelty like killing human beings? It looks like impossible right? But there are some countries across the globe who proven that there are certain groups of people who revived a dead. But as far as I considered, it is an evil way or means, because only God has the right to do it. And as I heard too that they sell their soul to Lucifer, the leader of demons just to make this kind of activities likes awaking the dead. If a person already dies, just set him/her to rest in peace and not to annoy the corpse to raise coz you might get scared once the body stands up and walking without conscious on itself or it can make a big mistake of doing that kind of things. That’s what all about the upcoming episode of our favorite TV series the Walking Dead is all about. For you to find it, just Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 Online Free.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6: Secrets

The sixth episode in the season 2 is coming up and for sure a lot of us will be watching this episode as it will be air or available online. This episode will be talking about secrets that have been revealed. In fact, there are no secrets that keep forever. And that’s what the story is all about or the topic of the new episode of The Walking Dead. This episode will be entitled “Secrets” that must be acknowledge by anyone of the survivors in this season. Anyone should accept the reality on this world or else you will be the one who will remains in the world of phony. For you to know about it, just watch The Walking Dead season 2 episode 6 online at

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 “Chupacabra” Sneak Peek

This coming November 13, 2011 another big episode from our favorite post-apocalyptic zombies’ horror television series The Walking Dead which will be entitled “Chupacabra” and this will be the fifth episode in the season 2 of The Walking Dead. For sure a lot of us can’t bear to wait for this sequence of thrilling and surprising TV series. By the way, even me too, I can’t wait for Sunday as it will be air hit the Nov. 13. This episode will be focusing about the creature called Chupacabra. As far as I knew, Chupacabra is a creature that kills some animals most especially goats. And that is why it is sometimes called goat sucker. This animal is said to be unknown to science. According to Ben Radford, the chupacabra is modeled after the creature in the 1995 movie “Species”.  The first eyewitness account of the creature was given by Madelyne Tolentino in a Puerto Rican newspaper. Well, it is just one of the creatures of our Almighty God. The sad part is this animal is just harmful to anyone and for sure you will be wounded if once you are biting by this creature. And for me, this is the creature that maybe we could see on the next episode of The Walking Dead. So watch out for the next episode and Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Online.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5: Chupacabra

Are you familiar with a creature who commonly called “Chupacabra”? According to my research, Chupacabra is sometime called “goat sucker”. The chupacabra ("goat sucker") is an animal said to be unknown to science and systemically killing animals in places like Puerto Rico, Miami, Nicaragua, Chile, and Mexico. The creature's name originated with the discovery of some dead goats in Puerto Rico with puncture wounds in their necks and their blood allegedly drained. According to UFO Magazine (March/April 1996) there have been more than 2,000 reported cases of animal mutilations in Puerto Rico  attributed to the chupacabra. Well, that’s the evidence that it is not an alien.  And this coming November 13, 2011 another episode of our favorite zombies television series which is episode 5 and it is entitlted  “Chupacabra”. Just watch The Walking DeadSeason 2 Episode 5 Online at

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Cherokee Rose

Did you feel like there is no tomorrow after you’ve watched the episode 3 of The Walking Dead entitled “Save the Last One” which was aired last October 30, 2011?  Well, for sure a lot of us was thrilled and get hooked in every scenes of episode 3. That’s was so exciting moment right? It’s a matter of choosing what makes you happy. And This time, another episode from the second season of the post-apocalyptic horror television series will release its fourth episode and it’s entitled “Cherokee Rose” So guys, just don’t forget to tune-in at at WatchThe Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 Online.