The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Photos

On this coming Sunday, experience once again the last and final episode of our favorite American post apocalyptic TV series that being brought you by AMC by this Sunday. I knew that many of you guys will not waste their time if they just watch Season 2 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead online at On this episode, for sure, many of you will be shocked and hooked up once again in the finale of season 2. Some says, they will give time for this episode just to ensure that they could watch The Walking Dead season 2 episode 13 by if you couldn’t make it by the time it will be air on TV, then you may log on to for online watching.

Last, we shocked on the happenings especially when Dale attacked by the same zombie whom attacked Carl which lead the zombies to get out on the mad. But it was Dale who became the victim and die. And in the episode 12 of The Walking Dead, in the last 3 minutes of it, we also became intense when Shane became something like a zombie then Rick tried to make him calm but Shane looked desperate of shooting Rick so he made to grab the gun Shane is pointing to him and stabbed by knife on Shane chest which lead to his death. And Carl saw it and then the next happenings was Carl point the gun that given by Rick to him and then pull the trigger which hit the head of Shane when Shane stand again as the real zombie. Whoa! That’s an incredible things happened in the episode 12. And this time another big episode that we should not miss to watch on this coming Sunday, but before we get there on that date, let’s have a look on the pictures in the episode 13 guys.