The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Photos

There are few days ahead for us again to experience the things we called thrill, excitement and happiness again for the 12 times. I am pointing of course to the Walking Dead upcoming episode. This Sunday, another brand new episode that we should not forget before it will end because guys, being one of the fans of this fantastic TV show; I don’t want you to mess up that day without even watching it. So guys, just be sure that you could watchThe Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 on this second Sunday of March only at On this coming episode, there might be someone or a group will be fighting against the group of Rick Grimes and it might be one of them is Randall because he made to escape from the prison seal and now he could brings total destruction to the group.

For you to find out more about this, you should not miss even one episode of The Walking Dead in season 2 before this season will end up in the episode 13. I knew that many of us will be upset if that time will come but guys; this is just a part of the show that every season must be end up for a break and then preparing again for the next and extreme season and that will be happen to The Walking Dead.

Below guys I provided pictures about the upcoming episode, The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12. As you can see in Carl is with his father Rick while they are sitting and Carl is holding a 45 caliber pistol. The other picture is Shane behind his truck. On this episode 12, the four guys in the survivors namely Rick, Shane, Glenn, and Daryl will be having or setting a patrol around the territory of Hershel at night falls.