The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Sneak Peeks

The ending is coming and I am counting on it. Maybe this is the saddest part for the viewers and beloved fans of The Walking Dead because sad to say, we are on the second to the last episode of the Walking Dead on itsseason 2. As we all knew, there are 13 episodes only for the season 2 but guys, don’t be upset because that is not the end of The Walking Dead on its adventure in the television and on the internet because AMC announced that the season 3 was already renewed and the producers are now starting to cover up the season 3 of The Walking Dead. But before that, there will be a new and upcoming episode that we should not miss, so guys be sure that you could watch The Walking DeadSeason 2 Episode 12 online at

On this sneak peek of The Walking Dead season 2 Episode 12, you will see that the survivors are preparing their things like foods, weapons and their self because of The Walkers are getting near on their place also the other foes might attack them because of Randall was on their hand and prison, but when Rick commanded T-Dog to go in the room where Randall is being kept, T-Dog was shocked because Randall was not there even the lock is not broken and it seems that someone else opened it for Randall and made it to escape. I have an Idea if who did it but I am not really sure yet and I can’t tell it to you because of maybe I’m wrong.

And because of this situation, the team must be ready their self because maybe already on his friends and tell about the place where Rick and his team is staying and might be this could be the reason to put risk the life of the survivors for the other foes except from the walkers. For us to find out more about this episode 12, then we should not miss this episode to watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 online.